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Every Blooming Thing

A successful flower shop celebrating its 30th year in business was looking to build a website for their customers to view their previous arrangements and have the capability to order some of their own online. What blossomed was a colorful and unique website, strong growth in revenue, a heartfelt logo, a successful sale of the business, and an even better relaunch. 

Role - Logo Design and Branding, Website Design, Rebranding, Marketing Management

Every Blooming Thing
Model A

Original Logo Design

While discussing what made the original owner of the business, Glenna, different from her competitors she explained that her father's attention to detail and persistence was something she grew up with and admired. "When we need a shot of inspiration and courage, one look at this picture gives us all we need," Glenna said about the photo of the Model A truck her dad restored. She wanted to include something that was so special to him in a logo that would be special to her, which is how her Model A truck logo, blooming with flowers, came to life. 

FloraCandle Greeting Card
Floral Price Tag

Bouquet Toss

Glenna decided that it was time to sit back and enjoy the smell of the roses. She sold the business to another florist who had grown up in the flower shop with her, her daughter Jenna. A rebrand was in order and we made the new website her very own - adding her favorite colors, flowers, and more features such as classes and a link to a podcast she had done with the Chamber of Commerce!

Every Blooming Thing Flower Shop Website
Every Blooming Thing Flower Shop Mobile Website


Every Blooming Thing Flower Shop Website
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